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2018 / Design Academy Eindhoven

In collaboration with Eef Beusen

Durability on festivals is the starting point of our research. When a festival is over, lots of trash is left behind, especially on the camping sides. The main question which arises:

"How extreme is the environmental pollution of a festival?"

If you look at what people leave as garbage, it turns out that the tent is the biggest problem. 1 on 4 festival visitors leave their tent behind and after the festival season,  25,000 tents end up at the rubbish dump.


We designed a foldable tent made from one type of recycled plastic. The tent is recyclable, easy and quick to set up and can be used several times. Visitors rent the tent. All tents are set up in advance, so the visitor has no longer to drag his own tent and struggle with setting up. After the festival there is less tent waste, because the tents are easily folded and removed from the campsite to use again.

This is the FestiFold, a tent made out of recyclable sheets, fitting on a pallet and easily to stack, so the transport costs are kept low. The tent has entrances on both sides with ventilation holes, so the festival visitor gets fresh air during his/her sleep.

The bottom is well fixed to the sides. So the FestiFold is waterproof.

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